Credit program to organise and involve in the mainstream those who are backward dependent on the charity of other’s living in the shelter of others and the unskilled not taken into account in development activities and not evaluated  . first of all under SAIP since 2003 and as a co program of PKSF since 2007  this program is being conducted. Those who have less  opportunity to improve themselves in tradition credit activities, are deprived of education & healthcare, urgently need to be involved in social and development activities. And as such necessary credit activities and other cooperation are being conducted for beggars, vagabonds,  prostitute street dwellers  , Seasonal labors living in slums the landless living in the shelter of others domestic servants widows the abandoned women , the tribal and minority people.

Objectives : 

  • To impart necessary training and provide soft loans to create own capital through building up savings habits  and take income generating programs as per need.
  • To provide assistance  for having minimum education, medical treatment, habitats cloth safe water and health care.
  • To provide necessary cooperation for skill improvement meet the minimum basic needs along with dignity by creating employment facilities  and initiative income generating program.

Special Activities

  • To identify the ultra poor and organize them in small groups.
  • To provide the Ultra poor with soft loans
  • To provides trainings to improve skill and credit consciousness
  • To improve skill and credit consciousness and savings habits through issue based discussions in weekly meetings.




Information of UPP overall loan disbursement scenario .


Total Members                      :         1237

Total Lone                              :         968

Total Savings Collection      :         3241224 tk.

Total Loan Disburse             :         6116973tk.