According to the statistics a large portion of ultra poor population over Asia live in Bangladesh. The rural poverty and the discrimination between the rich and the poor have been increasing Keeping pace with the increasing rate of population.

Grameen Manobic Unnayan Sangstha (GRAMAUS) was established to alleviate poverty by organizing the rural poor for raising awareness and to operate income generating activities for enhancing the family income. Since inception GRAMAUS has been working to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, lack of awareness, malnutrition, ill health, social violence and to establish the rights of ethnic groups, tribal communities through multidisciplinary development and service oriented programs. The major goal of GRAMAUS is to assist poor beneficiaries towards making self-sufficient through developing the skills to operate income generating activities besides rights and awareness.

The year 2020-12 was the year of success for GRAMAUS. Besides different obstracle the programs for the development of the lot of poor society has been implemented successfully for the cordial initiative of all concern. Specially the organized poor beneficiaries of credit program funded by PKSF and different programs of various donors have developed their skills through receiving training on different issues including micro credit. Most of the families are going towards sustainable development through gradually alleviation of their poverty by utilizing acquired training skills and operating IGA through micro-credit. Unsuccessfulness lays besides successfulness. We may have unsuccessfulness in some cases. This is our commitment to open the door of successfulness learning from the cases of unsuccessfulness.

We ask for our gratefulness and greetings to the poverty toiling people and to the honorable members of the general and executive committee for their cooperation, suggestion and direction. We also beg to our gratefulness and greetings to the local elites, civil society and administration for their appreciation and ‘cooperation. Specially we express our hartiest gratitude to the donor community for their financial assistance and suggestion, by which GRAMAUS has got opportunity as a locally established self-help organization. Last but not the least, thanks to the staffs of all level for their hard working and all over cooperation.

Our greetings towards those people who are involved in publishing the annual report by their overall cooperation and labor. We will be working together in the advanced Scott of backward people and Insaallah will succeed in our mission.