Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project


CDM Project Using Municipal Organic Waste of Towns (City Corporation/Municipality) in Bangladesh (Phase-1),Gramaus Implementsthis Project with Department of Environemnt (DOE) Bangladesh, Mymensingh Pouroshova and technical assistance of waste Concern Bangladesh since 2016 to till date .

The Main objective of the project are :

The main Objectives of the project are to convert municipal organic waste to resources and reduce the production of Green House Gas (GHG) emission, implantation of National 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) Strategy for Waste Management and create alternative income for poor people of urban areas.



Solid Waste Management Project

Technically assisted by Practical Action Bangladesh , Mymensingh Pouroshova, Trinomul Unnayan sangstha (TUS), Shehra Bahumukhu Unnayan Sangstha, MATI are engaged in the management of Solid Waste of the town. Mymensingh Pouroshova made suport for land and trasport, MATI Bangladesh is engaged in overall management of collection part & GRAMAUS performs the responsibility of making compost fertilizer from this waste, keeping Mymensingh Town neat and Clean  and walking the fermars interested in using non chemical fertilizer . This project is playing an important role in maintaining the ecological balance and waste management.

Activities of the project :

1) To coordinate the activities of TUS, SBSKS, CBO, Defence Party and other follow/ Service rendering organizations.

2)  To facilated regular meetings of ward comittees.

3) To Take the resposibility of community mobiliozation.

4) To increase awarness in specific dwellings house for indentifying wastes.

5) To study the comments of those who get service .

6) To attend PMT meetings

7) To communicate and maintain cooperation with the conservency department of pouroshova.

solid waste management project

GRAMAUS has introduced and is gradually extending the reform work of Eco-park, Beside programs have been take up for Enhancing  management system, communicating and maintaining co-ordition with BAU, SRDI  for license and quality control, building up relationship with users, Communicating and maintaining coordination with the conservancy department of the pouroshova, attending PMT meeting , making exhibition plots to make the farmer’s meetings, receiving the user’s comments, packaging compost, inventing & introducing other income generating activities related to compost fertilizer.