A country has have forests covering 25% of its total area so as to maintain its ecological balance. Whereas we have forests covering only 8% of our country, As a consequence natural calamities like tornado, tidal bore SIDR, AILA and drought hit Bangladesh every year causing heavy damage of standing crops, Properties and lives. GRAMAUS has been executing this awareness raising project since 1995 motivating its beneficiaries to transplant saplings around their homesteads in order to maintain ecological balance, create their own employment scopes and meet their future demand for fuel and wood. Tree plantation is essential for the prevention of environment al disaster. GRAMAUS motivates the members of its organized groups to set up their own nurseries for growing saplings and also to plant rood side trees. To reinforce the program GRAMAUS has developed a nursery on a plot of 7 decimals under its GIDI project. Supported by IFAD and DAE and conducted by SAIP, We provided all the members of the beneficiaries with necessary training on tree plantation and maintenance and supplied each of them with 5 saplings of different species of timber, fruit and medicinal plants. At the same time we, in confabulation with forestry sector project of the forest department, planted sapling on both sides of the following roods to be maintained by the beneficiaries of the groups and the benefits to be enjoyed by the poor.

social foresty and nursery

Table showing the details of road side plantation-

Name of Road Length Transplanted Saplings No. of beneficiary
Phulpur to Rahimganj via Paari-Kalibari road 6 Km 6,000 30
Gopalpur to Phulpur Highway 26 Km 26, 000 103
Haluaghat-Gazipur to Nashulla Bazar road 4 Km 4,000 20
Haluaghat-Raghunathpur to north khairakuri road 4 Km 4,000 20
Phulpur-Charpara to Chonchar road 2 Km 2,000 10