In keeping with the millennium development goal of ensuring 100% sanitation for all across the country by 2010 GRAMAUS, as a partner of the Government, introduced (GOB-UNICEF) Project (SHEWA-B) in Phulpur and Haluaghat upazila of Mymensingh district in 1989 with the financial support from NGO Forum DWSS. At present we are implementing this project in Phulpur upazila of Mymensingh district and Nakla upazila of Sherpur district with the financial support from DFID-UNICEF-DPHE. Under this project following activities are being implemented to create mass awareness on hygienic latrine use, stop open defecation, personal hygiene and use of safe water in all family works

Goal of the project: This project mainly aims at achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) relating to safe water supply and sanitation; reduce under 5 mortality rate and eliminate gender discrimination in primarily schools.

Objective of the project:

Objective of SHEWA-B Project is to provide facilities among 3 crore people of the project area relating to government targeted water and sanitation, improve the standard of their personal hygiene, change their hygiene behavior as sustainable manner, provide adequate safe water and sanitation facilities for the people deprived of water and sanitation facilities and those who get little health service with the privileges of safe water and sanitation by the year 2011.

GRAMAUS has been conducting a series of activities in 20 unions of Phulpur Upazila and 9 unions of Nakla Upazila to under 100% sanitation coverage with a view to achieving the goal of SHEWA-B.


The most remarkable of them are staff orientation, formation of local clusters, making social and physical charts through community participation, prepare community action plans, formation and orientation of word Watson committees, resource phasing. Formation and orientation of bazar Watsan committees all school and SMC members, formation of student brigades, country yard meetings. Mosque/temple/ agricultural farm/ Rice mill/tea stall based distribution, rally drama show, folksong, Watson fair and display of latrine techniques. All these have created a remarkable mass awareness and stopped the habit of using open place latrines.