The high growth rate of population is our number one problem which tends to frustrate all our development endeavors. This growth is much lighter in rural and slum arears owing to lack of awareness. Alongside the Govt. initiatives, GRAMAUS introduced a program titled “UVAPA-2” in 1987 supported by FPAB in order to form planned families in those areas. In weekly group meetings the beneficiaries are motivated to adopt suitable contraceptive methods and provided with related materials in collaboration with FPAB and Govt.

The up-to-date details of the family planning program implemented by GRAMAUS are as follow:

Sl Conceptual Method Conceptual Method receive
1 Permanent Method Tubectomy 2307
Vasectomy 208
2 Long Duration Method Injection 923
Copper-t 543
3 Temporary Method Pills 8414
Condom 2077