1. Work with the poor and extreme poor/hard core poor irrespective of age, sex, religion and caste with people of any form of exclusion by addressing cause of their marginalization, inhumanity and exploitation for ensuring dignified life.
  2. GRAMAUS is committed to bring about positive change in the quality of lives of the deprived people by making available education, comprehensive health services, establish the rights of women and Tribal people in the society following sustainable and integrated approach.
  3. Undertake and implement need based and appropriate development programs that enhance scope of people’s participation to bring them in the main stream of development and significant positive changes in their lives through meet-up their basic needs.
  4. GRAMAUS firmly believes that emphasizing an inclusive gender approach, community participation and working in integration and collaboration with government and other relevant organization enhances the qualities of women’s lives.
  5. Capacity building of development workers and institution lays the systems and procedures that facilitate the growth of GRAMAUS as a sustainable organization for people’s development.
  6. Develop human resources through human development & skill training.
  7. Committed to mobilize and utilize local resources through motivation and consensus raising.