A permanent healthful house is the basic need of a man but poverty hinders him from having this. The poor have to struggle endlessly to build a good house as a permanent habitat for meeting this basic need of the poor GRAMAUS has been conducting this program since 2005 assisted by the Bangladesh bank housing fund for the up and RMC members by GRAMAUS and for the poor people of phulpur upazilla. The target people are granted a soft loan of taka 130000/- to build a standard tin shade house measuring 20 x 11 ft.

Objective :


  • To provide necessary cooperation to the poor to build a permanent and healthful house which is a    basic human need.
  • To assist the poor to face adverse weather to prevent disease and to ascertain social dignity.

Specific Activities :


  • To identify and select beneficiaries from the organized samity members.
  • To sanction loans for house building