Ours is an age of Information Technology. In keeping with the demand of time we can not but impart well-planned modern education suited to every body aiming at producing an innovative new generation having special aptitude for science and technology. With a view to turning the present young generation into a skilled future manpower GRAMAUS launched an ambitions venture of initialing a project. styled as “GRAMAUS Model Academy”. Opened on 23 October, 2008 it began its routine program of formal schooling in January, 2009 in class eight. Our aim is to upgrade it to class twelve by phases. With a view to building up a well groomed generation having talent, Quality, Patriotism and keen aptitude for it based latest developments. GRAMAUS Model Academy is being conducted in accordance with the accepted models of the latest and improved instructional methods.

Objectives of GRAMAUS Model Academy:

The Objectives of GRAMAUS Model Academy consist in building up an ideal, well educated and patriotic generation and nourishing the latent talent, capability and other faculties among the taught with the help of practical teaching appliances, syllabus and curriculum in a very convenient environment

Features of GRAMAUS Model Academy:

  1. A team of meritorious and diligent teacher’s.
  2. Limited roll strength not exceeding 40 students in each class.
  3. A modern computer lab for students starting from class three.
  4. Special coaching for class five and eight students for the final exams.
  5. Weekly and monthly exams.
  6. Ensuring 80% learning in the class room.
  7. Special coaching for weaker students.
  8. Special emphasis on English learning.
  9. A wide range of extra-curricular activities.

Gramaus Modle Academy

GRAMAUS Model Academy

Information’s regarding GRAMAUS Model Academy (Up to June/2010)

Boy students – 408,

Girl students – 218,

Total number students – 626,

Male teachers – 13,

Female teachers – 6