ENRICH Education Programme primarily seeks to address the problem of children dropping-out of primary level education. Under this programme, one or more afternoon teaching centres are established every member village. Class 2 students and under are tutored at these centres. The centres target students who find difficulty keeping up with their classmates and need the extra help and time to grasp material taught at school. So far 5 No Phulpur Union, Mymensingh have 31 no active teaching centres. Anyone less than 35 years of age with a minimum of S.S.C level education is qualified to be a teacher; most of the teachers are female. These teaching centres play a crucial role in the education programme by monitoring whether or not young children are being sent to school regularly, and dropout rates are at a minimum.

As of June 2014, a total of 886 students have enrolled in 31 afternoon education centres in 5 No Phulpur Union, Phulpur, Mymensingh Under ENRICH Program.

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