Since 1988 GRAMAUS has been implementing this Program financed from its own resources in Phulpur Upazila under Mymensingh district with a view to enabling the urban and rural mass fallen victims to extreme poverty and the women folk who are victims of gender discrimination to create self employment according to their need by providing then with small loans and training facilities. Micro-Credit is mainly a non-formal banking system for the downtrodden, who have less or no access to the formal banking systems. At present GRAMAUS has been implementing this Program through its 12 branches in 5 Upazilas of Mymensingh district with financial support from PKSF, Sonali Bank and Bangladesh Bank.


The main objective of this program is to facilitate flow of loans for those is having less or no access to formal banking system.

To create sources of self employment and sustainable income for the beneficiaries.

  1. To reduce the dependability on money lenders.
  2. To assist capital accumulation.
  3. To create small enterprise news.
  4. To empower the womenfolk.