Bangladesh is a disaster prone country the different ports of which are hit every year by divesting floods, tidal bores, tornado, cyclones, droughts causing colossus damages to human lives, livestock, crops and infra-structures and leaving a disastrous effect on national economy and resources. GRAMAUS has formed a fund named safety and Relief fund to give immediate support and emergency treatment to the affected people with its own fund as will as the money deposited once by the beneficiaries later on, this “safety and Relief Fund” has been further extended adding a fund provide by PKSF distaste management fund. Under this program GRAMAUS has been conducting the following activities:

1. To help the affected people regain their moral courage.

2. To assist them fulfill their basic needs by taking immediate needs with relief materials.

3. To rehabilitate the victims by providing soft and small loans and resuming income generating activies.

4. To provide the injured people with necessary treatment service.

5. To exempt the loanees died by calamities from their debts.

6. To provide the victims with financial support for marriage.

7. To distribute worm clothes among the cold stricken beneficiaries.

8. To conduct post flood nutrition and farming rehabilitation programs


A picture of up to date contribution of the security and assistance fund of Gramaus

Sl Description Number of Beneficiaries Amount of Assistance
member Son Daughter Total
1 Health Support 107 56 47 210 230750
2 Wedding ceremony 39 38 77 140320
3 Assistance for death 213 213 1513600
4 Other 07 64 73 144 348912
Total   327 158 159 694 2233582