The GRAMAUS is a voluntary organization established in 1984 with the spontaneous of some young progressive, energetic and committed social workers and NGO personnel who had experienced of social work that will not only help people but also make them (the rural poor) capable of undertaking the responsibility of their development. GRAMAUS is established with a purpose to alleviate poverty and to make the unalterable group, specially, Women, Tribal, landless and small farmers families self-reliance through group formation, training, income generating activities, non-formal education, utilization of local resources, women and tribal peoples rights establishment and undertaking need and problem solving programs by importing skill, knowledge and technique. It believes in bottom up, non-directed, integrated and participatory development framework and acts as a catalyst with its target people

The organization has endeavored to be an effective instrument of development of the poor since its establishment. It has been consistently making efforts to evolve an alternative development strategy. From the beginning the organization has succeeded in developing strategies, approaches and programs and relevant to the key referred to as participatory sustainable development paradigm. It has pioneered the concepts and method of organization building participatory approach and planning process, access to and common property resources, like Social forestry, Education program and many innovative employment and Income Generating Activities through credit management.