GRAMAUS financed by PKSF has been conducting this program  in order to give the loan facilities through institutional management in a background of weak loan structure in a land of marginal and small farmers and  entrepreneurs. Under this program activities are going on to engage the organized farmers to existing and new farming and non agricultural business in order to develop their skill and make a contact with the market Beside, they are being helped  to increase agricultural products and employment through  technical assistance. This is conductive to their per capita income, capability and food security. From 2013 this program is known as Agriculture and Small Farmer Project (Sufalan).



To provide micro credit assistance appropriate for small farming to the poor farmers according to their need.

To provide information, adapting of new technique starting exhibition  plot and marking of agricultural products all for the increase of agricultural products.

To play an important role in agriculture oriented economy of Bangladesh by considering the marginal and small farmers as the promotive agents of agriculture.


To identify marginal and small farmers families and organize into groups.

To improve training on modern farm technique.

To set exhibition plots related to farming techniques.

To provide loans according to the farmers need.

To increase skill awareness and develop savings , habits through  issue based    discussions in weekly meetings.

Information of Sufalan overall loan disbursement scenario .