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Since inception GRAMAUS has been committed to good governance, accountability and transparency. It has twin structured committee for the planning and implementation of its activities. They are as follows-


Executive Committee

General Committee


Executive Committee:


As per constitution GC elects 7 members Executive Committee (EC) for tenure of 2 years. The Executive Director(ED) discharges the functions set outs by the executive committee as ex-officio. On behalf of the GC executive committee performs the whole works including policy making task. Total works are planned, implemented and evaluated by the executive director assisted by the active participation of staff.


Sl Name Designation Photo
1 Abdul Hamid Bhuyan Chairman No.1
2 Md. Abdur Rashid Vice-Chairman No.2
3 Mahmuda Nasrin Treasurer No.3
4 Khandaker Faruque Ahmed EC-member No.4
5 Mahmuda Nasrin EC-member No.5
6 Nur-Nahar Begum EC-member No.6
7 Md. AbdulMannan Member-Secretary No.7



General Committee :


Gramaus has a decentralized participatory management system in program implementation the general council. The supreme authority of the Organization consists of 25 members. Members of the executive committee are elected biennially out of general council. The Executive Committee meets frequently. The policies of executive committee are implemented by the Executive Director who is the ex-officio general Secretary of the Organization and is responsible for overall program implementation and management of the Organization.


Short details about General Committee:


sl Name Address Profession
1 Abdul Hamid Bhuyan Executive DirectorSSS, Tangail, Job
2 Syed Musaddek Hossain Chairman, DIP1/3 (4th Floor), Block#ELalmatia, Dhaka-1207 Social Work
3 Md. Shahjahan Meyor, Phulpur Pouroshova, Phulpur Business & Social Work
4 Murshed Alam Sarker Executive Director, POPY, 5/11-A, Block#ELalmatia, Dhaka-1207 Job
5 Md. Anisur Rahman Suza Executive DirectorAppa, Nokla Bazar, Nokla, Sherpur Job
6 Md. Mizanur Rahman Songram Executive DirectorGrauk, Phulpur Mymensingh Job
7 Md. Abdus Salam Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh Farmer
8 Md. Sayedur Rahman Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh Farmer
9 Md. Giyus Uddin Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh Business
10 Md. Habibur Rahman Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh Business
11 Rikta Dotto Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh Teacher
12 Md. Hossen Ali Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh Lecturer
13 Nahid Nigar Sultana Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh Teacher
14 Md. Abdus Sattar Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh Farmer
15 Md. Abdul Mannan Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh Business
16 Md. Anower Hossain Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh Business
17 Khandaker Faruque Ahmed Executive DirectorTUS, Mymensingh, Bangladesh  Job
18 Md. Miraz Ali Executive DirectorAsus, Job
19 Md. Alkas Uddin Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh Business
20 Tusher Daring Executive DirectorSARA, Mymensingh Job
21 Md. Abdur Rashid Executive DirectorASPADA, Bangladesh Job
22 Merbi Tazu Haluaghat , Mymensingh Housewife
23 Mahmuda Nasrin Kanchijuly, Mymensingh Lecturer
24 Nur-Nahar Begum Mymensingh Job
25 Md. Abdul Khaleque Phulpur, Mymensingh, Bangladesh Job


Organizational Transparency:


a) Gramaus  is transparent to the donors and is providing all types of

information considering the requirement.

b) Gramaus is transparent to the participants .It is always very much open

to the  participants/beneficiaries  especially about information.

c) Gramaus is also transparent to the Counterpart and Partners.

d) Gramaus  never try to hide any information to the stakeholders it is working with.

e) Gramaus is maintaining close touch with Government and providing all necessary Information to the authorities at  the, Upazila, District and National level.


Organizational Procurement Policy :


(a) Fair Competition: Organization should treat all bidders with fairness and ensure that they are given the same level of information when preparing quotations or tenders.


(b) Conflict of Interest: Situations of conflict of interest with the business of the Organization should be declared to the Organization in accordance with the code of conduct of the Organization.


(c) Cost-effectiveness: Quotations and tenders should be evaluated not only on competitiveness in pricing but also factors such as the quality of the products/services and track records of the bidders.



Board of Directors :


Short Details of Directors of Grammaus.


Name Designation Photo
Md. Abdul Khaleque Executive Director Photo-1
Md. Fazlur Rahman Director Photo-2
Md. Abul Kalam azad Deputy Director (Admin, Audit & Finance) Photo-2
Md. Habibur Rahman Deputy Director (Operation) Photo-3