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Along with the passage of time GRAMAUS has already passed a time of about two and half decades. And it has kept the wheel of social economy moving while staying beside the helpless and neglected rural people. It has made the process of social development dynamic and kept its effort uninterrupted to reach the tools of developments to the people’s door in order to make sustainable process of social development easier and more participatory. Gramaus has taken a work plan to gearing up its development activities keeping in view the millennium development goal of the UN. In this background it has taken up a lot of programs and projects such as, Social Development Program(SDP), Human Rights & Recourse Development Program(HRRDP) and Solid Waste Management Program (SWMP), Vulnerable Group Development (VGD), ENRICH.


In the reality of socio economic background GRAMAUS  working for as creating the right of getting information and for empowering the poor and deprived rural people, especially the women and children. In this end in view the sphere of GRAMAUS has widened is such activities   as education, health, sanitation, food security , nutrition , disaster management, agriculture, pisiculture , poultry, development of human resources and conducting National Children task force for .


GRAMAUS has maintained its effort to accumulate its fund with its own initiative and with the help of foreign and indigenous donor agencies although the flow of foreign aids has declined in recent years. In this respects the contribution made by PKSF and other donor agencies is underiable GRAMAUS is continually been extending its credit activities and strengthening from PKSF, Beside GRAMAUS has been earnestly going on with its programs financially and technically assigned by DFID, Unicef, DPHE save the children Australia, Mymensingh Pouroshova, GIZ, Practical Action Bangladesh, NGO forum, UCEP Bangladesh and Bangladesh Bank. We tender our deep respect and gratitude to them. for its present position GRAMAUS specially grateful to all its dedicated diligent and sincere workers, beneficiaries and the local administration including the people of locality GRAMAUS is also grateful to the members of General and Executive Committee.


GRAMAUS tries to maintain its goodwill as a contemporary and exceptional organization in the stream of development as in the reality of existing socio-economic circumstances . The annual report of 2009-10 has been published keeping behind all obstacles and deadlocks. The main objective of this publication is to focus all the information’s about all project and programs implemented during the last year GRAMAUS shall continue its march towards progress admitting the co-existence of success and failure and learning from the experiences of success and failure. we expect valuable advice and co-operation from everybody and beg pardon to all for the faults of the organization including its publication branch.


We offer our deep respect and hardiest good wishes to all.




(Md. Abdul Khaleque)

Executive Director

Gramaus, Mymensingh